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Have a unique medical claims management challenge? Let AdminisTEP automate your processes so you can focus on the tasks that are vital to your organization. AdminisTEP is the ideal solution for management services organizations (MSOs), independent practice associations (IPAs) — and a host of other organizations, such as university student athlete and campus health medical billing management.

MSOs and IPAs

AdminisTEP simplifies MSO operations by providing a single solution to manage provider networks/IPAs, payor transactions and all regulatory reporting requirements. Included in AdminisTEP is the capability to convert paper-based documents ― forms, claims, correspondence, medical records, and more ― into electronic formats for more efficient submissions, improved portability and easier tracking. AdminisTEP offers MSOs a hosted practice management solution that they can deploy to their network providers. Online tools within AdminisTEP help MSO streamline their operations with automated processes and online analytical tools.

University Student Athlete and Campus Health Medical Billing Management

Uncovering one student’s loss of coverage prior to injury could significantly reduce your exposure, saving thousands of dollars against your aggregate. Spread your exposure and get more for your insurance dollars by keeping this basic information at your fingertips every month during the school year. We accept any form of submission, from handwritten to MS Excel spreadsheet, and from faxed format to direct submission into our eligibility portal. We make it easy to use this information to directly benefit your athletes and athletic program.

Paper Processing (STILL using paper?)

Convert paper claims to electronic formats by using AdminisTEP the most cost-effective paper conversion solution. Receive reimbursement as if you submitted electronic at no charge – FREE!

  • Customized claim form templates for direct data entry of paper claims
  • In-office scanners for direct digital imaging of paper claims
  • Fax solution for direct digital imaging of paper claims

Back-Office Solutions

GO DIGITAL and enhance your back office by participating in a completely digital transaction environment by using AdminisTEP.

  • Real-time eligibility verification
  • Real-time claims status from submission through reimbursement
  • Electronic reject processing! Eliminate paper reject letters
  • Remittance processing
  • Online reconciliation from claim submission to reimbursement
  • Billing & practice management solutions
  • Electronic medical records

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